UGHHHH 03/30/2010
I am SO sorry I haven't been able to blog! Everytime I've tried, Weebly refused to work with me. Soo, I need to change who I blog through. Any Suggestions?
I'll miss the easy format...but something has got to change!!
Anywho! I have been one busy chica. Big news, are you ready for it!?
My friend Elizabeth and I are getting ready to open our store! WOOHOO!!
It'll be in Nampa, Idaho. Can I tell you how excited I am about this journey?! VERY!
We'll also be getting an etsy shop up along with doing farmer's market downtown. (that's why my etsy has been so dry lately)
I need to stalk up on product and get my butt in gear! I'll have more details as our adventure unfolds.
I haven't been doing much besides working.
Chance and I went to see Alice and Wonderland..I liked it. Looooved the trees, they really inspired me.
Aaand I got work off to see these boys:
I love em'
I have five million or so things to do.
Sooo i'll be back later tonight with some fun stuff!

Aubreee xxo.
Pretty Precious 03/25/2010
Just some wonderfuls:
Wednesday much?
ColormeKatie is always so magical..
Cutest little girl, ever. So cute! EEK!
I really want to go to the beach this Summer, who wants to come with me? :)
Cooolloors! Does anyone know who did this?
So wonderful!
We're...really, cute?

I need a hot mocha, it's super raining here in Boise.
I love these days. (:
I got the movie Whip It today in the mail!
Have you seen it?

I'm so esssited!
I'm going to paint now..
Aubree xxo.
Besides allergies, how could you hate these seasons?!?
Adventureland prepares me for Summer.
I'll be wearing lots of this:
And eating lots of this:
Oooh summer.
I'm feeling very melancholy today.
(wish a big dose of the lazies.)

Aubree xxo.
Dear You 03/24/2010
Will you please find a ticket for me?
I hate when shows say, "SOLD OUT!!"
Also! Go to HOPECORE.COM and read some awesome interviews with amazing bands. You won't be disappointed. (:
I have been so lazy all day.
I refused to get out of bed until noon..then watched The Office while getting ready. Yuuuup, exciting!
Speaking of exciting, is anyone else super stoked about Summer being just around the corner?!? YAHOO!!
I'll be back later tonight with some Summer inspiration.
Oh and, go buy this headband..I only have a few items on my etsy since i'm trying to stock up for farmer's market.
Aubree xxo.
Red Bull 03/23/2010
Late night Red Bull runs= a crazy awesome idea.
Taylor and I tried a flavored Red Bull last was really yummy.
Ahem..this is what we got out of it:
We got a little crazy...and didn't go to bed till about 4.
I put some new items up on my etsy!
Go take a look!
This is probably my favorite headband:
Aaand i've been watching The Office constantly for the past 5 days.

I'm awesome.
I'm sleepy..and I probably need another Red Bull.
It's suuch a beautiful day!

Aubree xxo.

Happy Happy 03/22/2010
This is your new blog post. Click here and start typing, or drag in elements from the top bar.
I still need to see the movie! Who wants to go with me!?
Then we can make cupcakes! (:
This inspires me for the shop. Yay!
My sister needs to come visit so we can jam. I miss herrrr!
And this lady, that would be nice.
That's me!
I want this.
This makes me HAPPY HAPPY.
UP love is the best love...besides Jim and Pam's love, of course!
Like the balloon? :)

Buuuuusy craft day, i LOVE it!!

Aubree xxo.
Yup, I am actually doing Survey Sunday, on Sunday!
A list of weird questions I found:

What's the colour of your toothbrush?
Are you left or right eyed?
should I know this?
What cd is in your cd-player right now?
This Providence :)
What means light year?
Buzz's last name, duurr.
Have you ever had an imaginary friend?
I remember trying to have one when I was little, but I thought it was weird. HA!
How much do you use ketchup?
lately, not much...but ketchup is great with lots.
When you looked in the mirror first thing this morning, what was the first thing you thought?
helllooo short hair!
How much cash do you have on you?
i'm not sure, zippo?
What's a word that rhymes with TEST?
Who is the fourth person on your missed calls?
What is your favourite ring on your phone?
Brand New- Mixtape
What shirt are you wearing?
Metro Station brass knuckelsss, I am so cool. baha!
What do you label youself as?
Name the brand of shoes you've recently worn.
Bright room or dark room?

Talk about random, right?

Sundays are so great, and such a blessing!
Tayloooee is 19 now!!

Okay so. I fell asleep right before I was going to post this. bahaha.
I was really tired!
Today will be spent watching The Office (WOOT WOOT!) and creating for the farmer's market.
Good day, I am one blessed chica.
Hope everyone is having a grrrreat Monday!
I'll be back later today with some inspiration etc. etc.
..if I don't fall asleep.
Aubree xxo.
NEW 03/20/2010
Sooo I got a little crazy...
And did a little chop chop on the hair!
Nice picture right? baha!
EEEEK! Tomorrow is my fabulous Taylor's Birthday!
We're going to hit up the town tonight! (maybe even tomorrow!
Have a grrreat Saturday!

p.s.- I totally apologize for my lack of blogging lately. I've just been suuper busy with getting ready for farmer's market aaand getting ready for our shop (yes, shop!!) aaaand following up on my etsy. EEEEK!

Aubree xxo.
Oh AND 03/17/2010
Look at this seriously attractive picture I found of myself:
I don't mean to sound vain..
but I am a serious cutie.

Aubree xxo.
Okay, not really.
But this really is hilarious.
I have been so busy!
Farmers Market is just around the corner.
I'll have a full update of things going on, soon!
It's Taylor's Birthday soon!
I am so excited!
I miss this.
Peace& Blesssings, Peace& Blessings!

Aubree xxo.


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