Style Crush 04/25/2010
Kelly Osbourne Knows Her Dresses & How To Accessorize:
Sooo cute! Have a good Sunday!

Aubree xxo.
Busy Bee 04/22/2010
This is the first day, since we've gotten the keys, that I haven't spent time at the shop. I've been jonesing all day to go! I basically wake-up, get ready, and spend my day there. I loove it!
Walls are painted, and ideas are bouncing. We are extremely fortunate to have awesome store neighbors. A yummy deli that has the best homemade, GIANT, sandwiches..and an amazing used books store. It's just perfect!
My wonderful Mom sent me a few links to make handmade flowers...I was SO excited to find something to use them for!
Here is what I came up with:
A fun paper lantern that my brother and sister-in-law passed on to me..It wasn't the style we were going for at the store....
So Elizabeth and I made it our style with the flowers!
I'm totally in love with it..and can't wait to make more!

How is everyone loving the nice weather? It's been quite the mix-up here in Boise. THUNDER, LIGHTENING, sunshine, wiiind..the whole works.
Love you all!
Aubree xxo.
Today was just fantastic..everything just felt, right.
Do you ever have those days when you're just *awed* by the beautiful blessings in your life? I am so thankful for everyone, and everything in my life. God is so good!
Taylor and I had such an awesome night, went to Olive Garden..and got some yummy Italian donuts.
Did some sneaky stuff..(that Taylor and I will keep to ourselves. haha)
Then just hung out doing what we do best!
When Spring blooms...I feel alive!
Anyone else get that feeling??
Tomorrow should be busy, as usual..but that's how I like it!
Here is some good nigh-night music :)
My Inbox OCD 04/13/2010
Ever have those days where you check your inbox non-stop to see if you've received that exciting/important e-mail?!
I'm having one of those days!
I've been keeping busy though!
I actually worked-out!
Went through my e-mails (the reason why i'm SO eager to get replies!)
Organized my room...It's B-E-A-utiful!
Went through files that needed some much needed filing (hehe)
Tomorrow should be awesome, Taylor and I are going to Olive Garden, yummm.
We're also going to try and take a might just end up being a fun walk around town. haha
I miss my Mama Cita today.
Hopefully she can come visit soon...and maybe see the shop??
Less than two weeks and we'll have it allll together!
^^Holy Long Time Ago!^^
..And look at that crazy hair of miiine!!
Okay...I'm done!
Have a good day, everyone!
Aubree xxo.
Be The Change 04/12/2010
We must accept infinite dissappointment, but we must never
 lose infinite hope." -M.L.K. Jr.
Taylor was kind enough to share that with me today!
(Thanks Tay!)

I am constantly on the run lately. Soo much to do for the store. Eek! Elizabeth and I have some exciting news ahead as well!
Today was spent filling out paper work, finishing up some designs for shirts,
 returning e-mails, and organizing my room.
I feel caught up now! :)
Lately, I've been playing Cady Groves on repeat..she is awesome! Make sure to check her out!
Also, it's a new month! Know what that means?!?!
Lately, I haven't been feeling too well. Last night, I had an awful migraine...the slightest light made me cringe. Yuck! I'm healthy and feeling great now, so that is a blessing and a 1/2!! I reeeeally need to get back to work. I'll leave you with some inspiration!
p.s.- Anyone know the artist?!?! I looove it!
^^She is awesome.^^
Ever get something stuck in your head?
I've had.."Pray, He is there. Speak, He is listening. You are child."
So beautiful!
Have a great night!
(ain't thata cute face)

Aubree xxo.
Wooo 04/06/2010
So after my last post, I gave up hope.
I'm back though!..and it is on!
I have been soo busy with making things for the shop lately.
Plus, my family came and saw me for Easter. (yay!!)
It was super awesome being around them.
Today, I came up with an idea for a special blog post I could do..I'm super excited to share it with you..soon!
I got a new shipment of shirts, skirts, and dresses in..and I am just so excited to get my hands on them!
Here is some eye candy from weheartit for the night:
Wedding season is almost here. Are you ready??
(i'm sure not)
DOUG. :) Nuff said!
Summer is the best, let's adventure to the coast!
Aaand holy yum, I want to ice cream...but I would like it on a warm sunny day.
Yes, please!
I've been obsessing over pink hair pretty.
Lil rugrat is adorable. If only I had the time for a pup!
Elizabeth wants to get a shop doggy though..
I wanna go somewhere...I haven't been out of this city in months. It's killing me!Hope everyone is having a spectacular night!

Aubree xxo.
UGHHHH 03/30/2010
I am SO sorry I haven't been able to blog! Everytime I've tried, Weebly refused to work with me. Soo, I need to change who I blog through. Any Suggestions?
I'll miss the easy format...but something has got to change!!
Anywho! I have been one busy chica. Big news, are you ready for it!?
My friend Elizabeth and I are getting ready to open our store! WOOHOO!!
It'll be in Nampa, Idaho. Can I tell you how excited I am about this journey?! VERY!
We'll also be getting an etsy shop up along with doing farmer's market downtown. (that's why my etsy has been so dry lately)
I need to stalk up on product and get my butt in gear! I'll have more details as our adventure unfolds.
I haven't been doing much besides working.
Chance and I went to see Alice and Wonderland..I liked it. Looooved the trees, they really inspired me.
Aaand I got work off to see these boys:
I love em'
I have five million or so things to do.
Sooo i'll be back later tonight with some fun stuff!

Aubreee xxo.
Pretty Precious 03/25/2010
Just some wonderfuls:
Wednesday much?
ColormeKatie is always so magical..
Cutest little girl, ever. So cute! EEK!
I really want to go to the beach this Summer, who wants to come with me? :)
Cooolloors! Does anyone know who did this?
So wonderful!
We're...really, cute?

I need a hot mocha, it's super raining here in Boise.
I love these days. (:
I got the movie Whip It today in the mail!
Have you seen it?

I'm so esssited!
I'm going to paint now..
Aubree xxo.
Besides allergies, how could you hate these seasons?!?
Adventureland prepares me for Summer.
I'll be wearing lots of this:
And eating lots of this:
Oooh summer.
I'm feeling very melancholy today.
(wish a big dose of the lazies.)

Aubree xxo.
Dear You 03/24/2010
Will you please find a ticket for me?
I hate when shows say, "SOLD OUT!!"
Also! Go to HOPECORE.COM and read some awesome interviews with amazing bands. You won't be disappointed. (:
I have been so lazy all day.
I refused to get out of bed until noon..then watched The Office while getting ready. Yuuuup, exciting!
Speaking of exciting, is anyone else super stoked about Summer being just around the corner?!? YAHOO!!
I'll be back later tonight with some Summer inspiration.
Oh and, go buy this headband..I only have a few items on my etsy since i'm trying to stock up for farmer's market.
Aubree xxo.


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